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 Custom IntrudaGuard Brochure


When your prospects download a generic product brochure for future reference, it is quite possible and even likely that when the time comes to respond they will not recall where that information came from. The generic brochure contains no information about you, just the manufacturer who will forward leads to all suppliers in the prospects' area.  That is not a good return on the effort you made to engage that customer to the point where they made the download,

A quick and easy way to maintain connection with that customer is to get your "rubberstamp" on the brochure, so everyone who refers to it can get back to you when they're ready act on it.

DBM can customise the stock IntrudaGuard brochure by adding with your logo, your contact details and clickable links so that you are clearly identified as the supplier. When your prospects download brochures from your website they will see your branding and contact information and respond directly to you rather than teh product manufacturer - giving you the result you expected and deserve from making the brochure available.

Our standard customisation puts your company logo,linked to your IntrudaGuard webpage, on each page of the brochure.

On the back where you would traditionally rubberstamp a physical brochure, we'll include your logo, company name, address, phone number, website address and email address. All elements are clickable and linked to your contact points - website, email and phone.


You need to provide us with the following;

  • Company name
  • Address
  • Website address
  • Sales phone number
  • Sales email address
  • High quality company logo image in PNG format

 If you need assistance at any stage do not hesitate to contact your DBM project manager for help.


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